Our last day of tenancy at the Masonic Lodge is April 30 (and we are not open after the last public sitting on March 24). This is a very poignant time for all of us and as we go through this dissolution and contemplate our next steps, we want to remind everyone that it is our aspiration to maintain a “strong heart” of connection with those in the local community who wish to continue practicing, studying and being together.

We will periodically post events here and send announcements via our email list as developments unfold.

Samsara is an Ocean of Narratives. What is our Path?

with Acharya Richard John

November 21st

This one-day program with Acharya Richard John will be on the Four Dharmas of Gampopa and will take place at Open Sky Retreat Space. Program open to all. Continue »

The Bardos in Everyday Life Weekend Program

with Andrew Holecek

January 11th—January 12th (2020)

We will explore the bardo principle and its vast application in daily life. Once we open our eyes to them, bardos are everywhere — and the spaciousness of that recognition invites liberation. Continue »