Center Leadership Team

Santa Rosa Shambhala has no paid positions and operates only through the commitment of our members who give generously of their time and energy. If questions or concerns arise, you are invited to contact any of the following members of our Center Leadership Team:

Interim Center Director Karen Halseth karen [at]
Head of Practice and Study
Financial Director
Anna Marie Ketelsen annamarieketelsen [at]
Health and Well Being Director Diana Shane dianashane [at]
Shambhala Training Coordinator
Library Coordinator
Jill Levesque jillcrl [at]
Culture and Decorum
Environment and Maintenance
Assistant, Culture and Decorum
Assistant, Environment
Loretta Boyle lmboyle2 [at]
Publicity and Web Christina Nelson christina [at]

We are located at:

The Masonic Lodge located at 855 7th Street (corner of Beaver and 7th Street) in Santa Rosa. More →