First Sundays: Ongoing Study of Pema Chödrön’s Meditation Instructions

with Deborah Hoskins

March 4th (2018)

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    We will be utilizing Pema Chödrön’s book How to Meditate as a springboard to either begin a practice, or to explore and deepen our current meditation practice.

    Meditation is a simple process with vast implications. Our life is so full of relationships, thoughts, feelings, emotions and mental space that often seem so cluttered up.

    What do we do with all that content? How do we proceed and what are the results, both in practice and in our lives? Does it even matter that we have a meditation practice? So many questions!

    During these First Sundays, we will be exploring our minds, our questions, our intellect and the experience of meditation with its many nuances. By looking closely at our experience, we can develop certainty and confidence in ourselves, our heart and our minds.

    The morning consists of short guided meditations, explorations, contemplations, silent tea and closes with a lively discussion with guidance from senior teacher Deborah Hoskins.

    Come join us in this journey to understand our hearts and mind

    • Initial Meditation Instruction is available free of charge at 9:30 am. The morning is open to first-time meditators as well as those who are more experienced. All are welcome. 
    • Although there is no charge to attend, donations are always deeply appreciated, and help us continue to be able to offer these programs to our community.
    • Copies of How to Meditate will be available for purchase.


    Deborah Hoskins is a senior student of Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche and Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche. She has completed numerous solitary and group retreats over the years. Having practiced and studied meditation since the early ‘70s, she enjoys teaching and directing programs that both introduce students to meditation and deepen their understanding of the ”view.” Committed to helping others understand their practice, she has been a Shambhala Training Director, Shambhala School of Buddhist Studies teacher and Meditation Instructor since the early ‘90s. While living in Philadelphia she and her husband Steve directed the “How to Meditate” program for 8 years.

    In addition to a commitment to meditation practice and the Dharma, Deborah and her husband have raised a family and run their own business. She enjoys gardening, walking and being curious about the world.