Who Am I? The Basic Goodness of Being Human

with Acharya Adam Lobel

January 17th—February 21st

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  • $120 Program Price
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How do we work with the struggle and challenge of finding ourselves in a seemingly ever-present cocoon of habitual reactions, emotions, opinions and concepts? By gently exploring these emotions we loosen things up, see more space and possibility, and rediscover our original basic nature.

This first course in the Basic Goodness Series of classes which focuses on our understanding of "self", will be taught via video by Acharya Adam Lobel, and locally facilitated by local teacher Marcia Clayburg.

We will explore teachings on basic goodness, selflessness, the arising of ego and the five skandhas, cocoon, buddha nature, and unconditional confidence. The course will give students an introduction to the basic view and wisdom of Shambhala teachings, with its roots in Buddhism and time-honored meditation traditions. In addition, participants will receive instruction in Shambhala Meditation, a simple yet profound method for contacting and resting in one's inherent basic goodness.

We will practice contemplative investigations of the self based upon the classic Buddhist teachings of the four Foundations of Mindfulness. The six week course includes meditation instruction, discussion groups, talks, and question and answer sessions.

This class is intended for those who have completed the first cycle of Shambhala Training Weekends and the Everyday Life course series. For those who are in the midst of or have completed these prerequisites, the Basic Goodness series will provide a sustained reflection on the meaning of basic goodness as it relates with our sense of self, others, and reality.

Having said that, here are no prerequisites though it is recommended that attendees have received basic meditation instruction. Basic meditation instruction is available free at our weekly public sittings on Sunday mornings.

An invitation to our members:
if you have already taken this class, as a repeater, you are welcome to come to any class, or the entire series at no cost. Please join the group and continue to explore these teachings!